Housing Authority of Lancaster


Map To Success Family Literacy Program

MAP to Success is a Family Literacy Program that serves the Housing Authority of Lancaster’s parents and children residing in Caroline Courts, Frank L. Roddey Homes and who utilize the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8).  “Family Literacy Services” are services that are of sufficient intensity, in terms of hours and duration, designed to make sustainable changes in a family and to integrate all of the following activities:

  • Interactive literacy activities between parents and their children.
  • Training for parents on how to be the primary teacher for their children and full partners in the education of their children.
  • Parent Literacy training that leads to economic self-sufficiency.
  • Age-appropriate education to prepare children for success in school and life experiences.

Program Components consist of:  Family Literacy, Basic Skills/GED, Parenting Classes, After School Homework Center, Youth and Family Activities, Financial Literacy, Collaborating with a credit union to improve credit. The purpose of this program is to empower adults to become better parents and community members by providing them with the tools needed to improve their literacy and basic skills.

The MAP to Success Program has been able to develop children’s interest in the arts, community service and technology by providing a structured curriculum.  As a result, the children who participated in this program increased both their math grades and reading skills.

The long-term goal of the program is to reduce grade retention and placement in special education programs.  In addition, those completing the program have higher standards for the future, including graduating from high school and college attendance.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Family Self Sufficiency Program…Your Bridge to a Brighter Future…

The Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS) assists Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) families achieve economic independence.  The Family Self Sufficiency program links participants with the education, job training, counseling, and other services necessary for them to become employed and to earn self-sufficient wages so that they no longer need to rely on governmental financial assistance.

This program is designed to be a bridge that will help your family overcome the obstacles you encounter in your journey towards self-sufficiency.  Once accepted, the Head of Household must sign a five – year FSS Contract of Participation and design an Individual Training and Service Plan (ITSP).  The ITSP is the blueprint for the individual’s bridge, and is completed with the help of the FSS Coordinator.  This blueprint outlines the steps necessary to achieve the earning power needed to become self-supporting.  In addition to this assistance, money will be put in an escrow account for employed FSS participants who have begun paying a larger portion of their rent due to their increased earned income.  Successful graduates of the FSS program will receive 100% of the funds in their escrow accounts to use as they choose.  FSS families must follow all Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) regulations and comply with the lease terms.  Families who do not fulfill their Family Obligations in the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program may be terminated from the FSS program.

 Do you have the desire and determination to attack obstacles in your path and cross your bridge to a brighter future that is waiting on the road to self-sufficiency?