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Fraud has a devastating effect on Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)’s assisted rental housing programs. The Office of Inspector General wants to drive fraud out of HUD-assisted rental housing and is working closely with HUD management to rid the assisted rental housing programs of fraud.

The Housing Authority of Lancaster (HAL) is committed to protecting the integrity of the housing programs that it administers and ensures that benefits are received only by eligible households and participating owners in accordance with federal regulations.

Fraud is a criminal act in which individuals, groups, or businesses steal taxpayers’ monies from HUD and its programs. Tenants who make false statements regarding their income or family size, or alter official documents, are committing fraud. HUD-assisted rental housing employees who engage in bribery, contract bid rigging, embezzlement, or who alter, forge or destroy records are committing fraud.

Fraud, may include but is not limited to such activities as:

  • False statement from tenants or employees
  • Tenant misrepresentation of income
  • Bribery or kickbacks
  • False claims or bid rigging
  • Theft or embezzlement
  • Forgery or alteration of documents
  • Destruction or concealment of records
  • Profiting from insider knowledge or a conflict of interest

Examples of owner fraud include:

  • Accepting housing assistance payments for properties that one does not own or represent as the legal agent.
  • Accepting housing assistance payments for vacant apartments/homes.
  • Requesting rent payments from tenants in excess of the amount stated in the lease.
  • Renting to relatives without prior approval from the Housing Authority.

Examples of voucher holder or  resident fraud include:

  • Not reporting income or total amount of income.
  • Subletting a subsidized apartment/home.
  • Having a voucher issued by the Housing Authority and another agency/owner.
  • Allowing people not on the lease to live in the apartment

Is Fraud Worth It? 

If you have reason to believe that any fraudulent activity is taking place in connection with any of the agency’s housing programs, we ask that you promptly bring the matter to our attention. You can report fraud anonymously.

Any investigation of fraud or other criminal activity will not be disclosed except to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. Management will not retaliate against tenants or employees who report fraud, criminal activity, or other program irregularities.

All reports of suspected fraud will be thoroughly investigated. Reports of suspected fraud or related criminal activities can be made to the following:

Housing Authority of Lancaster

HUD Office of Inspector General (OIG)
Region 4, Atlanta, GA
Richard B. Russell Federal Building
75 Spring Street, Room 346
Atlanta, GA 30303-3388
Tel: (404) 331-5001
Fax: (404) 331-1243


HUD OIG Hotline, GFI
451 7th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20410
Hotline toll-free 1-800-347-3735
Fax: (202) 708-4829
Email: hotline@hudoig.gov